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Worship Arts

A Place Praise

Worship Ministries

At Emmanuel Baptist Church it is our supreme desire to see God worshiped as He wants to be worshiped.  We see our purpose is to use our gifts and talents, which He has given, to lift up the name of the Lord, for the encourgement, edification, and equipping of the saints.

Whether you:

  1. are a singer (choir, vocal teams, special music)
  2. play an instrument (worship band, or classic instruments)
  3. have technical talents (tech booth, video team)
  4. have a great ear (production manager)
  5. have administrational gifts (helping the Worship Pastor get organized)
  6. or have any other gifts and talents that could benefit the Worship Ministy

We would love to talk with you.  Just call 505-327-4771 or email us at mela@ebfarmington.com if you have any interest in getting more information about any aspect of Worship Ministries, here at EBC.

God bless

Address:211 W 20th Street Farmington, NM 87401
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