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The foundation of our Adult Ministry is Sunday School. We have a variety of adult classes that are geared around life circumstances and needs. In addition to this we have a variety of discipleship classes that are offered through the week. Most of these are short-term (6-13 weeks). These classes attempt to meet a specific need or life circumstance. Our on-going classes include WEROC (an addiction recovery class), GriefShare (for people who have experienced a loss), and DivorceCare (for people who are separated or divorced). We also have ongoing men’s and ladies’ Bible studies. A current schedule can be found in our Worship Guide or Newsletter.


Sunday Morning Groups

All Sunday morning groups meet from 10:30-11:30 a.m. each Sunday year-round. They may also meet at other times or days for additional group functions or fellowships.


College (Room 105)

The College class is designed specifically for those who are in college or of college age (post high school through age 24). Our Bible study has a focus on practical life application. Class members are encouraged to participate in monthly fellowships.

Topic: Bible Studies for Life

Leader: Bryan Maxey


Young Adult Singles (Room 101)

This class is designed specifically for those who are single, for whatever reason, from ages 25-40.  We are learning together to navigate how to be successfully single.

Topic: Gospel Project

Leader: Billy Van Huss


Young Adult Couples (Room 102)

Our Young Adult Couples class is designed to meet the needs of couples, age 20-35, who are eager to build on their marriage and family relationships, knowing that God must be at the center of their life.  Come and visit with us on Sunday mornings.

Topic: Gospel Project

Leaders: Justin & Alana Rieker


Parents of Teenagers (Room 103)

This class is designed to help those age 35-50, and especially as the name suggests, those who have teenagers still living at home, to face the challenges of this phase of life and deepen their faith and walk in Christ.

Topic: Bible Studies for Life

Leader: Sean Fuchs


Transformers (Single Median Adult Ministry) (Room 109)

This group of adults, ages 45-60, enjoys a warm and inviting fellowship, prayer & share time, and topical Bible studies geared to helping singles and married couples become “transformed” into the image of Christ (Romans 12:1-2).  Whether you are single or married, this class equips you to find your place of service in the Body of Christ.

Topic: Gospel Project

Leaders: Randy & Linda Dean


FBI Academy (Room 201/203)

This outgoing class of adults, ages 50-65, loves discussion and applying Bible lessons to real life. Visitors can expect to find a place to belong within this class. This warm and caring fellowship will welcome you right into the group! Members are challenged to make a difference within their “sphere of influence” and to develop the Mind of Christ.

Topic: Explore the Bible

Leader: Bill Hall


Seekers (Room 205/207)

Seekers Class is attempting to blend Bible study with ministry projects.  We want to see the Body of Christ active.


Leader: Chuck Melazzo


Celebrate (Room 209/211)

Celebrate Class is a diverse group of both couples and singles, generally in the 45-65 age group. This outgoing and energetic class is a place where you will be challenged in your Christian walk and your understanding of God’s word. Visitors can expect to hear scripture read and discussed, the truth of scripture placed into life application, and the Gospel message presented each Sunday.

Topic: Prayer

Leader: Joe Barela


Journey (Room 208/210/212)

The Journey Class is a diverse group of adults, age 55-65, who are learning that this world is not our home. We are sojourners and pilgrims on our way to a city whose builder and maker is God. Some of us have journeyed for many years, others have just begun. Come and join the Journey Class as we travel. There is a place for you among us.

Topic: Gospel Project

Leader: Stan Lanier


Joy (Room 204/206)

This is a boisterous, friendly, open class where women, age 50-70, can find acceptance, sensitivity, interest, fellowship, understanding, and encouragement. With excellent Bible teachers you will want to be here every Sunday.

Topic: Gospel Project

Leader: Beverly Wilson


Harmony (Room 110)

Harmony extends an invitation for people ages 70 and up to come join this exciting fellowship! The Harmony class hopes to guide disciples of all ages to grow in spiritual maturity and to equip disciples for personal ministry. With great Bible teaching in class and monthly fellowships outside of class, you can find a place to belong in the Harmony Class!

Topic: Explore the Bible

Leader: Jerry Crockford, Carolyn Norvelle


Keenagers (Room 108)

The Keenagers will give you a warm welcome, and can guarantee a Bible-centered, loving lesson. We go out of our way to make sure visitors and new members, ages 70 and up, are integrated into the class, and we are a Bible-teaching, Bible-believing group! “Newcomers are always welcome!”

Topic: Explore the Bible



Queen Esther (Room107)

We are a group of loving women, ages 75 and up, who love to serve the Lord through giving. In the last year, we were able to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, Annie Armstrong Easter offering and a monthly gift to the SJBA Crisis Closet. We serve each other and our church family through prayer. Members of the Queen Esther Class look to each other for prayer support, encouragement, and friendship… and we would LOVE to add you to our number!

Topic: Explore the Bible

Leader: Lavon Adams


We also have several Bible study classes meeting throughout the week.  Check out of events calendar for updated lists.